Friday, April 22, 2011

The State of Play...

Nine months of full-time writing ends next Monday when I walk back into the dayjob.

And what have I achieved?

1st novel: Full manuscript being considered by a London publisher. It's a tough sell, I think. If they don't want it I'll e-publish it myself. Let the people decide.
2nd novel: Final editing process. Then comes the Really Final editing. I can start querying next week.
1st novella: Written specifically for a UK publisher, but might not be quite their style. Again, I'll e-publish it myself if they don't want it.
3rd novel: 1st draft finished. I'll come back to that later.
4th novel and 2nd novella: All planned and plotted and ready to set down on paper, as soon as novel 2 is with some publishers/agents.
5th novel: Sketched out in my head. It's gonna be a gut-wrenching shocker.

Not a bad set of babies for 9 months work, if I do say so myself. Amazing what you can achieve with no money to distract you.

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