Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Than A Man Could Do...

The Diamond Bikini is hilarious sunny summer fayre. Not so much noir, or even a thriller, as light pulpy fun. If you haven't read it already, put it on your summer holiday list.

Next up is ultra-pulp novella 'Jailbait Justice' from Pulp Press man Danny Hogan. It's been getting a lot of positive write-ups and if you haven't read it yet then, with the kindle edition priced at seventy shiny new pence, you've got no real excuse not to go buy it now.

Meanwhiles, not content with writing his own novels, e-publishing his own novellas, and running one of the most linked to noir sites on t' interweb, Scot psycho miserabalist and author Allan Guthrie has set up another website dedicated to e-published crime fiction. Read an interview with Danny Hogan / Bowman here, and another excellent interview with the founder of another great new pulp publisher, Jon Bassoff from New Pulp Press, right here. 

Since he also works as a literary agent, I don't quite know how Mr Guthrie finds the time.  I can only presume he doesn't get out out much. On an unrelated note, I'm off to enjoy a brew in the Sunday sun. And yes that means I'm not getting any editing done today. Kudos to Mr Guthrie, slap on the wrist for me. Mine's a dark brown one, ta very much.

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