Saturday, July 2, 2011

Finishing Off...

Wedged under the desk, Thompson's body spasmed as if jolts of electricity were shooting through his chest. His hands were jammed between his legs, protecting the balls Pearce had threatened to crush in the desk drawer.
..."I'll be checking. Can I trust you?"
Thompson sniffed. "I'll stay away."
"Okay." Pearce held out his hand.
"Don't." Thompson crossed his arms in front of his face. "Please."
Pearce touched Thompson's elbow with the back of his hand, lightly. "Shake."
Slowly Thompson lowered his arms, red eyes dripping, face shining with tears. His lips quivered as he held out his hand.
Pearce grabbed it and squeezed. Quickly, he turned and left. He was finished here and he didn't want to keep his mum waiting.

It's black. It's bleak. It's uncompromising. But even Scotland's toughest guys don't like to keep their mum waiting.

Allan Guthrie, Scotland's premier psycho-miserabilist. His first novel, Two-Way Split, is now out on Kindle for just 99p. Rude not to, really.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Christopher. Love the new sub-genre! The world needs more psycho-miserabilists. You know what they say: psycho-misery loves company.

  2. "The world needs more psycho-miserabilists."

    I couldn't possibly disagree. But is there really a large enough audience of readers who think Jim Thompson was too upbeat? That Ken Bruen is too sane?