Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Bastard Is Back...Pt2

I'm not the only bastard back in town.

The rainy season officially ended a few weeks ago, but so far nobody told the weathermen. Fortunately I know which way the wind blows, because it's picking up great chunks of the South China Sea and depositing them unceremoniously on my little Seoul suburb. In between rainstorms the sun shows its head for a day at a time to frazzle anything left outside and set cicadas to maximum screaming volume.

Between weather that doesn't encourage stepping outdoors and the need to fill my non-writing time with something other than head-addling drunkenness (and work), I need some good reading material, so I was mightily pleased when The Bastard Hand author Heath Lowrance announced a collection of short stories to be e-published. The day has arrived, and Dig Ten Graves is available now*.

If you're not already spending your hard-earned at the Kindle store I might mention that it's at the low, low price of 86p at the British site, or 2 American dollars and 99 American cents on the other side of the digital pond. I'm sure the maths doesn't quite add up there, but if it is a mistake then I'm afraid I've already diddled Mr Lowrance out of a few coins.

If you think digital self-publishing is only for those who wish to avoid fixing typos, proper editing, decent criticism or any revision at all, then you may find a friend at this link here. Some fair points, but I think there's also a nascent system of trusted reviewers to sort the wheat from the proverbial. For myself, I'm looking forward to more of Heath's own (highly-acclaimed by people who know what they're talking about, and me) brand of psycho-noir. If you're still not convinced, there's a sample from his first book (properly published by proper small publishers New Pulp Press) at the bottom of the page in my Quote Of The Moment, and all typos are mine.

*I don't actually mean to suggest that Mr Lowrance is a bastard, either literally or pejoratively.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Christopher!

  2. You're quite welcome, I'm sure.

    And I wasn't disappointed. A collection that feels at once varied and tight, with enough of a common thread to hold the lot together but not become restrictive. And, of course, some very good writing.