Saturday, September 17, 2011

All Tied Up...

Puppy dogs and kittens, all tied up with string
These are a few of my favourite things

...As Julie Andrews once sang. With S.O. back at work in the college, she has kindly picked up and passed on a few of her students' germs. While I self-medicate at home, here are some of the best procrastination spots around the web:

1.  Over at Psycho-Noir, Heath Lowrance has finished up his revised ten part look at the history of hardboiled/noir. Check that stuff out here, and get ready for his forthcoming series focusing on the 60s/70s golden age of noir. And he does it all for love.

2.  Pulp Poem of the Week over at Noirboiled Notes. This is someone who really 'gets' the noir mood. A few of my favourites include this one (he clearly has a thing for Gil Brewer), this one, that one there, hell, I love most of them. And he's only getting better with time.

3. If you love the old pulps, you'll probably like Pulp Curry.  Andrew Nette looks at a lot of classic pulp books, but with a focus on Asia and the Antipodes, such as this classy collection of covers here. Look out also for his new weekly series. It's about pulps and it's on Friday. It's appropriately named Pulp Friday.

4. Another blogger who truly understands what noir means, especially in relation to the classic movies. If Noir=Fucked then Fragments of Noir shows us why Fucked=Cool. An essential hangout. 

5. This was wrapped up a couple of months ago, but it's worth posting a link to the complete set. And no-one ever accused me of having my finger on the pulse, anyway.

Ten Rules to Write Noir Episode 1, Rule 1: Don't write noir... Whatever the hell Lee Child is doing, do that instead. 

Lovely Ben at Dead End Follies persuades ten noir writers to pen their own ten noir-writing rules. I'm not sure the results are useful for wannabees, but it's essential reading. And his forthcoming My Dark Pages project starts next week. Looks mightily interesting.

6. New Pulp Press. I love these guys. From adrenaline (and speed, and scotch)-fuelled thrill rides and desperately deranged trips to hell, to some of the most interesting and promising new voices in hardboiled and noir, like Mr Lowrance and Aaron Philip Clark. A good chunk of the best new pulps are at New Pulp Press, with something to suit every (dark, dangerous, deranged) mood. And they're on kindle for just under 3 quid each. My i-phone is loading up on these guys. What's that? You prefer the classics? Well, f*** you, mister. They've got Gil Brewer as well.

Is that the time? Really? Well, looks like my hot toddy needs a refill.

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  1. Thanks for the link Chris! If you want a place on My Dark Pages, be my guest.