Saturday, February 4, 2012

Quote of the Moment...Choke Hold - Christa Faust

'"He's puking," the kid cried from the back seat. "He's puking! Jesus fuck!" 
"Turn his head to the side," I said, flashing back to scraping a shitfaced and spewing Vic up off the sidewalk outside Gazarri's. "Don't let him choke." 
When the riceburner rear-ended me, I just about had a heartattack. The hit sounded louder than the shotgun and my forehead bounced off the steering wheel, scattering flaming pinwheels across my vision. I'm sure there were seatbelts somewhere in that old Buick, but I hadn't bothered to look before I peeled out of the diner lot. I would have tried to find one then, but my hands were locked, white-knuckled, around the wheel.'

Christa Faust grabs you by the wotsits and just keeps squeezing - Choke Hold from Hard Case Crime.

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