Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quote of the Moment... Maxwell's Silver Hammer - Andy Rivers

This Brit Grit novel from Byker Books has been hanging about on my Kindle for a few weeks and I've finally gotten round to it. Showcasing the darker side of Newcastle (I'm a softy southerner - does Newcastle have a bright side?) I've only just started reading but it zips along at a fair pace and a few lines have already caught my eye, such as this one from the opening scene. Newcy noir, anyone?

"I'm at the entrance to the alley under the bridge, there's only one streetlight and I'm under it, darkness and shadows all around me, the fine rain is visible against the light and the wind blows sweet wrappers around my feet. I feel in my jacket pocket for the knuckle-duster, its chunky, solid feel is reassuring. Sighing softly I look up into the Newcastle night sky for what could possibly be the last time and wonder how it ever came to this."

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