Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Slow Boil...

Reading, writing, drinking, working. Not always in that order.

The Spinetingler Winter 2012 issue came out just a couple of weeks ago. Even if it didn't include a new Paul Little story from Aaron Philip Clark (one of my favourite finds of last year) it also comes with great fiction from the likes of Dan Luft, Thomas Pluck, Patti Abbott and Court Merrigan, among others. Cheap at any price.

Recently finished Nik Korpon's Old Ghosts. On his website he says it 'should be narrated by Nick Cave, but isn't'. Got that right. One of the really nice things about reading it, (along with, eg. Everything I tell You Is A Lie, recently reviewed in these very pages) is the change of pace.

These days it seems that everybody wants blood and action and sex on page one, and then things escalate. Well, okay, that sounds pretty cool. But there's still a need for fiction which takes its time. I like a writer who isn't afraid to build slowly, develop themes and characters and ensure that, when the punch comes, it really hits home.

Speaking of which, I'm currently reading Frank's Wild Years, by Nick Triplow. Now this is classic slow-boil noir given a contemporary setting. If you still have the patience for a book that can introduce concepts before tearing them down, that let's you know all about the people slowly being destroyed, that isn't afraid to make small things important, then I recommend it. And I haven't even finished reading it yet.

Hopefully, even in these crazy hazy OCD me now now now times, there is still a place for classy slow-boil noir. And hopefully there's still a place for authors with the balls to set the gas on low and wait for things to start bubbling in their own sweet time.

The fact that all my stories take their own sweet time for anything to happen (if at all) is of course, entirely beside the point.

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