Saturday, April 28, 2012


A sunny afternoon, sitting in the park and sipping beer. Families, couples, weirdos, weirdo families. Ideas for a new work slipping through my head. Scenes and phrases and characters picked up, examined, set aside until I can see how they relate to the rest. Watching my dogs play in the sun. Watch the sun slip behind the mountains.

A lazy evening. Just finished a big piece of work in the last week. I think I like it. I think it's my best stuff to date. Or maybe it's wank, I can't tell yet. It can breathe for a few weeks before I go back to it.

Plenty of other bits to get on with. Editing to do on my last completed novel. Query letters to send on the book before that. But for now I'm thinking about the next piece, the next project, worlds to create, characters to birth. They all percolate through my mind. Drink a couple of cocktails, a couple of coffees.

Wife goes to bed early and the dogs go with her. Dipping in and out of Chris Rhatigan's Watch You Drown. Great writing, fantastic little scenes, pictures of other lives. I read a couple of stories and let the taste linger like good chocolate. Read another couple of stories. Think about which novel to read next.

Rugby on the internet. Great game for a neutral. Good Czech beer and bad Scotch whisky. Still the puzzle pieces slip in and out. I just need the hook, the line, the one element that gets me excited to start setting it down. I like to get the first line right, first time. It starts to define the work in my mind. If I have to go back and change it later, things get messy. I don't need to know where I will end up, just which direction I'm driving.

Maybe tomorrow. A line, a conversation, a scene, a chapter, a new start, a new story, a new purpose. Everything will happen, one element following the other, if I just let it come. Right now, anything is possible.

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