Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Busy, Busy Inksters...

Since the release of Pulp Ink 2, the various Inksters have been busily doing what Inksters do best.

Chris Rhatigan has signed on as an editor at Full Dark City Press, a new e-press dedicated to noir. I for one am hugely excited to see what they come out with, and the first collection in the works looks fantastic. He also gave away some free copies of PI2 on his blog, but I'm afraid you're a bit late for that one, they were snaffled up like hotcakes on a chilly, English summer's day.

Patti Abbot has been kindly hosting some of the Inksters in her 'How I Came To Write This Story' feature. Eric Beetner, Andrez Bergen, Katherine Tomlinson and Jow Clifford have all talked about the inspiration behind their excellent stories.

And talking of excellent stories, you can check out the openings to three of my favourite stories in the collection over at popculturenerd. Clearly the Nerd has exquisite taste, as of course do the people at Short Story 365, which has featured several of the stories.

Julia Madeleine has been encouraging readers in her own unique way: she captures men and forces them to read the book while simutaneously torturing them with a buzzing needle. Sort of a cross between A Clockwork Orange and the Saw movies.

And not content with having a story in Shotgun Honey, Andrez Bergen has been writing articles on new pulp for journalist Damien G. Walter.

Phew! I'm sure I've missed a few (let me know). And that's not even mentioning the non-PI2 themed stories and book releases. I, of course, have been busily bumbling around doing what I do best: procrastinating, and watching movies with a bottle of wine or two. Hectic, just hectic.

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