Monday, July 2, 2012

Gut Punches...

May and June: not so much months as a series of punches to the gut interspersed with good news and double whammies, just to make sure I was paying attention.

In May my oldest dog - six-year-old Maltese, Fritz - was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. At about the same time I unexpectedly became unemployed. This was better news as it meant between us S.O. and I could give Fritz the round the clock care he needed. And it was bad news as the vet bills rapidly mounted up.

Now I know what you're thinking about small dogs but this was one big personality. Fritz was a tough little dog, a real character who left a mark on everybody who met him. He loved doing things - anything interesting and exciting - and loved meeting people or exploring. He lived in 3 cities and about 7 different apartments, hung around bars and went to parties, climbed mountains and demanded recognition. Nothing fazed this guy. When he was diagnosed through a blood test, his levels were off the chart. The vets were amazed he still had so much energy and vigour. Even on a 24 hour IV infusion he loved nothing more than popping out to inspect his territory and mark everything in sight. Unfortunately, it was probably because he had so much lust for life (he was nearly named Iggy) that the disease was so advanced by the time it was diagnosed.

But the thing about CKD is that it doesn't show any symptoms until the kidney is almost gone. Even with a heap of medicine and a special diet, his kidney wore out quickly and so did his energy, and we were forced to let him go a little over a week ago.

So here I am with no job, and plenty of time to be getting on with my writing, but little energy or motivation. I certainly haven't got anything done in the last couple of months. But things do pick up day-by-day, not least because we still have Marley, Fritz's 5-year-old no-we-don't-know-what-he-is brother.

In the same couple of months there has also been good news, but that can wait for tomorrow.

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