Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summers (Almost) Gone...

It's been a long, hot summer. I mean hot. Damned hot. Cicadas burst into flames even as they scream out the heat, glass windows have melted, feet leave scorch marks on wooden floors. And when the rains finally came? Well, the humidity quickly went from oh-my-god, to surely-not-possible, and topped out at I'm-a-paleoclimatologist-and-this-level-of-humidity-has-never-been-seen-ever-on-this-planet.

It's not quite over yet, either. It's well over 30 outside with big storms next week. Should be fun, if my building doesn't collapse or the local river burst it's banks.

Anyway, I'm back, more tanned but just as lazy. I haven't quite done as much writing as I would have liked over the summer, and not anywhere near as much reading as I wanted, but that only means my TBR list is full of exciting and wonderful things. And as I head back into full-time employment (boo), at least I should have plenty of spare desk time to update you all as to what I have and haven't been doing, and what I thought of things you probably read or watched two years ago (or more). So yay for that.


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