Thursday, September 13, 2012

Les Edgerton and Real Life...

So, I've only just finished reading Les Edgerton's The Perfect Crime. It's full of excellent characters, principally the ex-cop hunting down his brother's killer, and the deranged, psychotic but brilliant career criminal who's convinced he's come up with the foolproof way to rob a bank. Strap explosives to the manager and make him do it.

In an interesting little postscript, Les notes how the book was nearly derailed permanently by publishers, but that at the time he wrote it in the 90s, he was pretty sure it was an original idea. Since then of course, it's been seen in movies and in real life, such as the case noted by Stephen Blackmoore on his LA Noir blog just the day after I finished the book.

What I found really interesting is at the bottom of the news article he linked to: apparently in 2003 a pizza delivery dude pretended to have been kidnapped and forced into robbing a bank. Unknown to him, the fake bomb he wore was not entirely fake, and he was killed when his 'friends' detonated it. Now that really is deceitful, cruel, and evil.

In fact, it sounds just like the bank robber in Les Edgerton's The Perfect Crime, who has a similar plan to get away without having to do any of that pesky 'sharing the proceeds'.

And so we come full circle. Nice and neat.

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