Sunday, October 14, 2012

QOTM - In The Kingdom #19...

Quote of the Moment:

Green Car Crash (1963), Andy Warhol

On it's back - wheels spinning like a cinema classic;
The door sags open and a man covered in blood 
drops the three feet or so to the pavement;
The car still rattling and shaking as if with a mind of its own, unwilling to die;
The man, fortyish, also after a time - an agonisingly painful period of time-

Is also unwilling to die.

In the Kingdom #19, Sonic Youth

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

At The Movies...

Okay, so I guess you all know by now, but Off The Record 2: At The Movies has been released. And I know that you're all very excited about the line up. In fact, quite a few anthologies have been released recently, for charity or no, so in case you forgot to actually buy the thing, I'll give you a moment to go get it.

Back? Okay, so what can you expect for your hard earned? Well, quite apart from the top drawer talent on display, with big names fluttering out from between the pages and all over your living room floor, and the fact that you get to sample the work of a large number of lesser known writers (like yours truly), I love the idea behind it. To take a film title and write to the idea that it gives you. It's thrown up some intriguing combinations.

For a start, what is Patti Abbott going to do with Mermaids? Or Chris Rhatigan with Jaws? Will it feature a shark? A big man with steel gnashers? Or something completely different?

I don't know Vincent Holland-Keen, but The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is a curious choice. And I can't wait to see Benoit Lelievre's take on Weekend At Bernie's, or exactly what it is that I wanted to know about sex (but was afraid to ask) that James Everington has slipped into his story.

Gregory's Girl by McDroll, anyone? Exactly, me too. So make sure you've picked up your copy.

Full line-up, links, plus some great interviews with numerous contributors over at Luca Veste's gaff.