Monday, February 18, 2013

Quick Review: Saturday's Child by Ray Banks

The first novel in the Cal Innes series opens with Innes out of jail and trying to stay out of trouble.

That, of course, is not about to happen.

He's playing at being a PI, or at least doing people favours for money. When local ganglord Morris Tiernan pressures him to repay an old 'favour', all he wants is Tiernan off his back for good, so he agrees to help track down a large sum of missing money and the croupier who took it. But with Tiernan's psychotic son as the oversized monkey on his back and more than just money at stake, Innes finds himself in the middle of family business that some people don't want out in the open.

Innes starts out pretty fucked up and things only get worse from there, especially when he finds himself in Newcastle. This short novel is packed with violence, stolen cash, more violence, bad decisions, family secrets and revenge by the shovel load. Mix in some drugs and thugs and it's a fast ride that just won't stop punching you in the face. Innes is a down and dirty modern PI that updates the classic mold, while keeping the hardboiled loser essence. And Ray Banks is one of the darkest, grittiest crime writers around. Trust me, nobody writes a fucked-up character like Banks.

Highly Recommended.

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