Monday, June 9, 2014

I know what you're thinking...

Did he fire six shots? Or only five Who's counting?

No, what you're thinking is (probably not, but roll with me on this) apart from watching inutterably cool French crime films and reading the odd Scudder, what the hell has Chris Black been up to these last several months?

Well to tell you the truth, in all this excitement

In fact, what I've been doing is getting myself a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. A year ago I would have told you I didn't really believe in Creative Writing degrees. The odd course, a bit of friendly advice and/or a good editor, sure. But a degree? Hmmm, no. Especially for genre writers. I mean, literary writers who just want to churn out the same boring stuff that many of them have been churning out for the last 15 years (thank God literary fiction is finally picking up after some dull, dull times), but a crime writer? Horror writer? Science Friction? Not sure about that, my friend.

Has my opinion changed?  Hey. I gots to know

Well I guess I'll blog about that sometime real soon. In the meantime the way I approached the course - since I don't really write many shorts I started a number of novels and novellas instead - means I have lots of really exciting, high class projects that all remain unfinished. So what I'll mainly be doing over the summer is drinking gin-based cocktails finishing some of them up and trying to get them out to the public. In the meantime I'm really behind on posting reviews on here, and boy have I read some humdingers, so there will be some very short sharp reviews of my favourite crime, pulp and noir, new and old, starting with Paul Brazill* later this week (making a public promise to force action, classic lazy blogger technique).

*Cancelled since Guns of Brixton doesn't seem to be currently available. I believe something is happening on that front so I'll post a review at the more appropriate time. Replaced with Derek Raymond who's also totally Brit Grit, an anyway I'll have a review of Mr Brazill's latest very soon.

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