Saturday, April 30, 2011

And Then The Rain...

"And I bellowed at the firmament
Looks like the rains are hear to stay
And the rain pissed down upon me
And washed me all away" - Nick Cave

Writing is easy! You just have to do it. So, my final weekend of freedom from toil was spent feverishly hacking at my manuscript, right?

Guess what. Fact is a couple of friends took the ride up from down south, and we ate an awful lot and drank shitty scotch and argued into the very jaws of dawn. Then I watched TV with a fuzzy head all day Sunday.

But the daily ignominy of having to earn my roof and bread has spurred me into spending every spare evening hour delicately sculpting my baby into ever more incredible approximations of perfection, right?

Look, you get tired, I get tired. We get tired.

But my first weekend, freed so briefly from the rigours of a brutalist capitalist system. Editing like my very life depended on it, right? Well then a huge thunderstorm rolled by outside my high apartment window. Looks like the rains are going to stay, so I'm off to drink demoniac liquors - the kind that force your lips and gums into a rictus fit for the devil himself - and watch the rains come down and listen to the thunder roll about the mountains that shadow our little city and watch lightning shatter the hooded sky.

There's always tomorrow. The rain can't fall forever. Can it?

Friday, April 22, 2011

The State of Play...

Nine months of full-time writing ends next Monday when I walk back into the dayjob.

And what have I achieved?

1st novel: Full manuscript being considered by a London publisher. It's a tough sell, I think. If they don't want it I'll e-publish it myself. Let the people decide.
2nd novel: Final editing process. Then comes the Really Final editing. I can start querying next week.
1st novella: Written specifically for a UK publisher, but might not be quite their style. Again, I'll e-publish it myself if they don't want it.
3rd novel: 1st draft finished. I'll come back to that later.
4th novel and 2nd novella: All planned and plotted and ready to set down on paper, as soon as novel 2 is with some publishers/agents.
5th novel: Sketched out in my head. It's gonna be a gut-wrenching shocker.

Not a bad set of babies for 9 months work, if I do say so myself. Amazing what you can achieve with no money to distract you.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

For Better or Worse...

The best way to start is usually with an introduction.

The worst way to start a blog would probably be by telling you to go and look at another, far more interesting blog.

So here is Heath Lowrance's excellent introduction to the history of noir/hardboiled fiction. It is currently influencing my reading list as I try to catch up on some of those old American pulp writers who have passed me by thus far. As well as being author of The Bastard Hand (New Pulp Press), Heath writes the always interesting Psycho-noir blog. Check him out.